Hospital Profile


Name Japan Organaization of Occupational Health and Safety(JOHAS),
Yokohama Rosai Hospital
Address 3211 Kozukue-Chō, Kōhoku-Ku, Yokohama City, Kanagawa Prefecture, Japan
Postal Code: 222-0036
Tel: 045-474-8111 Fax: 045-474-8323
Founder Toru Aruga, Director, Japan Organaization of Occupational Health and Safety(JOHAS)
Hospital Director Satoshi Umemura 
Establishment June 1991
Number of beds 650
Medical departments Internal medicine departments: Department of Hematology/Department of Nephrology/Department of Oncology/Department of Rheumatology/Department of Psychiatry/Department of Psychosomatic Medicine/Department of Neurology/Department of Respiratory Medicine/Department of Gastroenterology/ Department of Cardiovascular Medicine/Department of Pediatrics/Department of Neonatology. Surgical departments: Department of Orthopedic Surgery/Department of Plastic Surgery/Department of Neurosurgery/Department of Respiratory Surgery/Department of Cardiovascular Surgery/Department of Dermatology/Department of Urology/Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology/Department of Ophthalmology/Department of Otolaryngology/Department of Rehabilitation Medicine/Department of Radiotherapy/Department of Radiology/Department of Anesthesiology/Clinical Laboratory Department/Department of Pathology/Emergency Department/Department of Dentistry/Department of Dentistry and Oral Surgery
Facility size Site area: 65,501㎡
Sick wards: first basement level, 10th floor aboveground, 2nd floor tower
Central clinical building: first basement level, 4th floor (aboveground), tower
Administration building: first basement level, 5th floor (aboveground), tower


Salutation from the Hospital Director

Hospital Director
Satoshi Umemura

Yokohama Rosai Hospital was established in 1991 as the core hospital for medical institutions in the northeastern area of Yokohama City. The hospital is one of the largest in the city and is recognized for its excellence in medical care. The Japan Organization of Occupational Health and Safety, operating 34 Rosai Hospitals, nationwide, is our parent organization. As a leading hospital in our group, we strive to deliver health care that is patient-oriented, enhancing patient confidence and satisfaction. Our hospital is designated as the Regional Cooperating Hospital for Cancer Treatment by the Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare, is an accredited hospital of the Japan Council for Quality Health Care, and enjoys many other designations and accreditations by various institutions.
Our mission is to “provide medical care for workers,” “implement high-level medical care,” “advance emergency medical care,” “support regional medical services,” “establish safe patient care” and “train competent medical professionals.” The entire hospital staff will work together to further achieve our vision of providing patients a “friendly and positive environment” at our hospital.
We are confident the Yokohama Rosai Hospital can offer satisfaction in medical care to patients with our 365-day, 24-hour emergency medical services, the latest facilities with highly advanced medical equipment leveraging our cutting-edge medical technology, and our team-based, coordinated medical care.

Major Designations and Approval